HeJin Jang Dance/ CEPA
migrant-self the speed of a door (2016)Title:
Drifting Body (2015)Title:
Danginlee Power Plant Project #1
- Dance for 1 (2015)Title:
Danginlee Power Plant Project #2
- Landbody (2015)Title:
The artist is absent (2015)
Part 1. It is fair for you to close you eyes because I cannot see you
Part 2. Hyejin dances HeJinTitle:
Ethical Goodbyes
- If I (2014)Title:
Ethical Goodbyes
- Unread (2014)Title:
We all will be dreaming (2013)Title:
Tantalizingly Empathetic (2013)Title:
A practice of being together (2013)Title:
Of the presence of "us-ness" 
nowhere to hide (2013)Title:
A practice of cost-effectiveness
migrant-self the speed of a door (2012)Title:
Available (2011)Title:
silence replaced: (2011)Title:
Dear Sil_stitched_ence (2010)Title:
Do not lean on door (2009)Title:
open skin inscribed (2008)