HeJin Jang Dance/ interCEPA
Title: migrant-self the speed of a doorwe all will be dreamingethical goodbyes (if i perish, i perish)ethical goodbyes (unread)silence replaced:Dis-re-pair/Dis-re-patriateDear Sil(stitched)enceDo not lean on door

1. HeJin Jang Dance/ interCEPA (International Research Center for Embodiment and Performing Arts) is thrilled to announce 2015 UARTS School of Dance Scholarship Audition in Seoul, Korea on October 31st, 2015. More info coming up soon!

2. HeJin Jang Dance/ interCEPA will co-present a performative lecture on "Drifting Body: Choreographic Questioning on Refusee Body" at 2015 The Korean Society of Dance Science Fall Seminar on November 6th, 2015.
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